At the Broker Broker we specialise in selling Business Finance Brokerages

  • At the best price for you
  • At no cost to you
  • Transparently
  • Quickly

We do this by providing

  • Support and advice right now on the best way to present your business to potential buyers
  • Multiple introductions to genuine, pre-qualified cash buyers looking to grow their businesses
  • Full support throughout the process to maximise your sales price

Planning for the future maximises the value of your business

It is never too early to start taking the right steps to ensure your business and business model command a premium price.

You might not want to retire for a few years, or you may be looking to sell up this year, but either way you should be putting in place a clearly defined ‘Strategy for Sale’ that, once implemented, ensures you have the best business model for your circumstances and will extract the greatest value for the hard work and contacts you have built over the years.

There is never a “one size fits all”

With no obligation we will talk to you about

  • Your current client base
  • The financial products you specialise in
  • Any sectors or regions you specialise in

Together we build

  • A detailed strategy for sale, with timelines, expectations and tweaks to your business model that can drive significantly more value

And when you are ready (and only when you are ready)

  • A report on your business ready for you to provide to potential buyers

Download our 20 page free report on how to

  • Maximise the value of your Business Finance Brokerage
  • Make it attractive to buyers
  • Structure “earn-outs” to ensure ongoing commission shares for up to 5 years without having to be involved in the business


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